Truck fleet

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KBS SPED has a fleet of modern trucks made up exclusively of Euro V or Euro VI certified trucks with an average of under 3 years. The fleet is in a perfect technical state which enables the safety delivery of the goods.

Our trucks are equipped with modern GPS tracking system with the possibility to inform the client in real time about the position and the real time to the destination. All trucks are equipped with ADR equipment as well.

Our semitrailers have a volume of 100 cubic meters and complies with the standard EN 12642 CODE XL which is certified by TUV Germany. They have a hydropneumatic lifting and lowering system of the cieling with 400 mm to facilitate a comfortable and rapid loading/unloading of the high goods. These trailers allow the transport of goods that would normally require low loader. The subcontractors’ fleet is also checked carefully for approaching our standard. Our company and our subcontractors have cargo insurance to counteract any damage occurred during transport.


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